2006 Las Veredas. 58´


This film tells the life of a place in the world not yet globalized throughout a year, from the last festival of spring to the next.

Production and filming

The production proposal was to record solo with as little equipment as possible, to capture the intimacy of the place.

Filming began in May 2004 and ended in November 2007.

A mini DV (Canon 600i), an omnidirectional “Work” microphone built into the camera, a lavalier microphone and a tripod were used.


Video editing: Bernardo Moll Otto.

Sound editor: Guillermo Flórez.

Production Director: José María Calleja (Alma-Ata International Pictures).

Camera, script and direction: Lucina Gil.


Official section at the International Festival “Imagine Donna 2007” in Florence.